General Information on Registration for Campus Membership - please read first

The virtual campus of the Neufeld Institute was originally designed for graduates of the Neufeld Intensives to access further resources and interact with each other. We now have thousands of graduates representing many cultures and languages. The virtual campus has now expanded to house our continuing education program as well as our training and diploma programs. We also have satellite campuses to serve graduates of the Neufeld Intensives in other languages as well.

If you have taken the Neufeld Intensive Level One - "Making Sense of Kids" - you are most welcome to join our campus and enjoy its resources. Before you register, please take a few minutes to look up the information regarding the year you took the course and whether it was through continuing education or what city if taken onsite. You will be asked for this information in the registration form.

Annual subscription fees (for English and French speakers) are $150 CAD for the calendar year, from January to December. Fees are prorated starting in March to cover until the end of the year. To renew your subscription without disruption, fees must be submitted by January 31st of each year.

If you have been on campus before as an Intensive graduate or as a continuing education student, please include your campus 'username' as well. Once we have received payment, your existing username and password will be re-activated.

If you are new to our campus and your information matches our records (ie, name, email address, and Intensive One registration), our database will email you your campus username and password within the hour, once you have submitted your subscription fee. If the information is not a match, a couple of business days will be required for an actual human to apply some intelligence to the process. If we have questions regarding when and where you took the Intensive, our office will email you directly.

Once you are on campus, you will be asked to provide some information to the campus directory in order to facilitate interaction.

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Neufeld Virtual Campus

A private campus serving alumni of the Neufeld Intensives as well as students.


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